The Journey Of Change.

Make amends
Each and everyone of us have a Soul and our soul has a purpose. Our purpose and destiny will always be the same while at the same time evolving in the process. Your fate is your fate and what is written in the book for you is just for your you will serve your purpose and shine your light on the world. Along your travels in life there will be various journeys long and short that you will encounter. The first journey is that of change.
Make Amends
◦ Once you start to clear your conscious of what was done to u and what you have done you will be able to think a little clearly. Most folks beat themselves up about what has happened to them. And there are
◦ Once you start thinking clearly you will have the power to Re think A lot and start to grow and beliefs will be effected
◦ Once beliefs are effected we will effect our expectations and asset things from a rational pragicsl POV
◦ When you change expectations you change attitude

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