Survival Of The Fittest. Book 1 Chapter 1

Chapter One.
How it all started.
Aiken, South Carolina. 2030
“We are interrupting your regular scheduled program to bring you breaking news” the news woman said on the T.V. while a family of four watched. “Mamma I’m scared, are we going to die” the daughter and youngest child asked while looking up from dinner, rice and honey. No baby we are going to live, just eat your food and get ready for bed” the mother said. The mother was a devote christian, the church had came and passed out meal boxes. The meal boxes were all a lot of families had to eat do to the fact there was an nationwide state of emergency and food shortage. “Baby just stay calm you have everything and everyone right here” the mother said. All we have to do is pray and and do as pastor and first lady say. The preacher had said that they were living in the last days and that the only way that they would get into heaven is to keep the faith in the lord and be good Christians. The father of the house wasn’t believing any of what the preacher was saying and pushing his members to do.  While on the other hand he had no real say so due to the fact that he could not protect, feed, or lead his family. As bad as he wanted to tell his daughter the truth he dare not to speak against the church or the pastor after all they were his family saviors and meal tickets.  The son who was around seventeen just ate his food and shook his head he had always looked up to his father. “Kel whats wrong with you boy?” the father yelled at his son. Kel looked at his dad with a side eye and kept eating his food. Kel sucked his teeth and went back to eating his rice and honey.  His father had always provided for his family he had always been the patriarch of their whole bloodline uncles and aunts included but the depressed times, state of emergency, unemployment, liquor and drugs had slowly but surely chipped away at his father. It hurt Kel to see the once king of the bloodline so passive and feeble, this was his king the man whom his mother had saw worthy and created life with. “Whats wrong with you boy” his father said in an authoritative tone. Kel looked up from his food, looked his father square in the eye and said “Everything.” As kel spoke those words his father and mother alike felt chills run down their back. Kel father could barely respond let alone be able to reprimand his son. Kel took a deep breath and said ” I am tired of eating rice I am tired of praying and waiting on God to come save us, I want to take action there is something more for us than just waiting here, there is a group of people out there creating self sufficient tribes for time like this” Kel said as hi father, mother and sister stared at him in awe. Kel’s father was prou and yet ashame at the same time. His baby boy was getting grown. “So what are you gonna do son, go out and seek refuge from some people you don’t know, it aint how it used to be back in my da-” “-this aint back in your day” kel said interrupting his father” and as you can see daddy you aint got no control you aint got no power so what can you tell me what can you teach me about today, you gonna tell me what pastor said as he passes out the welfare boxes to us?’Kel said standing up down facing his father. ” Boy you better sit your ass down this is my house” Kel’s father said standing up and now with a little more authority in his voice. Kel looked at his father and started to walk off. .Slap A hand went across Kel’s face. “Sit your ass  down and listen boy” Kel mother said shocking the whole family. As Kel obliged, his sister snickered.  “now these folks don’t care about na’an one of us I know that son but you got to use your brain” Kel’s mother  said almost pleading with her only son.

Present Day
As soon as the cop was about to doze off the black Mercedes Benz flew past and startled the officer. “What the fuck” the officer said as he rose up and put the car into gear. The cop had to get the car up to 110 mph to catch the car. The black Mercedes Benz pulled over and the officer called the tag in. The officer got out of the patrol car gun drawn. The black man in the Mercedes Benz held his hands out the window. “Keep your hands  out the window, slowly open the door from the outside” the officer commanded the driver. The black man was scared for his life. “Man what I do” he said with his voice quivering.    “Lay on the grown put your hold your hands to the sky” the officer said.  The officers backup came and they both walked over to the car guns drawn but more relaxed. The black man was ready to beg for his life as the officers walked towards him. “Man whats up what y’all gonna do to me y’all trippin” he said to the officers. “Shut up nigger,stay calm it will all be OK don’t make us hurt you, I got church in the morning” the oldest of the two officers said. ” Hey rookie cuff him” the older officer said to his half sleep subordinate. The younger officer proceeded to the suspect with his gun out. “DON’T shoot me” the black man said as the officer pointed his pistol at him. The officer told him to shut up as he approached and cuffed him tightening the cuffs tight. The older officer walked up to the back of the car and looked at the bumper sticker on the black man’s car. The younger officer was going in the black man’s pocket to retrieve his I.D. The younger officer
As older officer nodded towards the back of the car “Check this out” The rookie looked at the emblem on the rear window of the car. “You don’t fuck with cars with that on it unless order from a superior” the older officer advised. “Ok, got it so what do we do with this one?” The older officer holstered his gun and the rookie did the same. They both proceeded to walk closer to the black man. “Hey partner where is your wallet?” the older office said, “its in my pocket the black man said with his voice quivering”.  The older officer scanned the area no one was out there just them. “Get up and walk towards me” the officer said the black man obliged. “Whats wrong with you man? you acting like a scared nigger out here, you should know better we almost shot you”
living in a world of hate. the cop said to the man.
You must love through it all

Victory Out Of Defeat Ministries. Atlanta,Georgia.
” What are you?” a man asked to a group of kids from the ages of 10 through 15.
“I am of royal priesthood”  The group said proudly.
“Where do you come from” The man asked. “A holy nation, a people of God’s own possession”, the group replied
“And as he calls us out of darkness, we must walk the righteous path and into his marvelous light”.
The man was proud of his kids they truly put a smile on his face. Alright now, the man said

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