Sof dope den

Eli is on the road. He has the picture and book that unc left him with details on how to get there which route and.whats needed not in order he deciphers the messages and puts a plan together. He now has the truckor box Chevy operational and is riding through a town. Horrible ran down spot. So he has to acquire somethings.
As he rides down the street and stops at the red light a lady or man asking for money waves at him he waves everywhere he goes they waving or blowing the horn he goes on a store and buys something and a man comes in the store and ask where they dude in that box Chevy at
They all look at eli he is somewhat standoffish they talk and the guy tells Eli to come outside. Eli goes outside he tells him that he knew the original owner and that he was a great man Eli tells him that unc is dead the man tells him ” not at all Kings like that never die you are here because of him and us speaking his name is life” the guy pours out some water for unc. “Libation” Eli asks. “yes sir do it every morning for him and whoever else. ” You going to go get tu” the guy asks. “do you know where he is Eli ask
Come on I’ll take you to get em it can get a lil sticky over that way
When Eli pulls up into the shooting gallery king heroin is playing in the back grown or
Eli has to go and get uncs older brother or his uncle or whoever.

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