Rudy Ray Moore(Dolemite)

If you grew up like I grew up you knew who dolemite was. Rather from the vinyl records our auntie played at the liquor house or the movies our older Cousins watched in the living room. Dolemite, Peter wheat straw, the human tornado and many more of his manifestations blessed the houses and have laughs with his straight up vulgar delivery. Rudy ray Moore was and still is a pioneer of black actors and comedians he did what most dared not to do. Rudy ray Moore created his first film with no experience utilizing college kids and a well put together crew of amateurs and friends. Rudy made history although filled with ups and downs his life was an overall success and in my opinion he was a self made unfiltered independent man who not only pursued but obtained his dreams. I myself live the story of Rudy Ray more. As you may know we here at culture tv and broadcasting love and respect such energy of independent folks who make it work and follow there dreams. And in the words of Rudy ray Moore “aim for the moon and if you fall hang on to a motherfuckin star”.

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