Letter To My Sons


To my sons :

Allow my lessons and mistakes in life to become yours,
only without the repercussions and losses.
i have sacrificed as well as
done a lot for a greater cause.
i always knew i was a rebel.
but never knew my cause always knew it was a bigger play.
now i know what it was,
i know what i have done it all for
and even wrote thisf for you.

You have the power to manifest and create anything that you wish,
you have to get lost within yourself
you have to
understand your power and
how great you are and
apply your energy to manifest
the reality you desire.
the more you learn and go through in life the stronger
your will and intuition will get. always listen to your first mind.
May progression and perseverance surmount any form of distraction that will cause you to repudiate to anything other than ones true destiny.
May you reach your destiny and serve your true purpose will enjoying every minute of your existence.
Ade da god .

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