I Woke Up.(MLK is Dead & So is His Dream)

For hundreds of years blacks have been subjected to all kind of terror. Rather it be work place discrimination, segregation or just straight up hate crimes. We all are familiar with Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Dream” as blacks have marched, protested, boycotted and made progression we saw the dawn of new days to come. Blacks continued to grow and continued to prove that they were just as good (If not way better) then whites. They fought for equality while at the same time being pushed down, while rushing to play a game that is ridged against them. Blacks prevailed they kept going and like any other group of dedicated people seeking better for themselves and offsprings they persisted and life goes on. Some may say that while blacks were organizing and fighting to be equal others powers that be were already working together to keep blacks where they felt they “belonged” which in many people’s opinions is beneath or at least second or third class citizens.
Where The Leaders At?
Black leaders and activist emerged and tried to lead the community rather it be for the benefit of themselves, to be able to sit at the table with the others and act as if they are a savior to their people. Most black leaders only to get little respect on both sides and less accomplished. Despite the efforts of the “black leaders” the black community was still left dead in the water. On a national level the blacks were still in the same place they started no matter how you look at it. As stated above there was and still is various groups and institutions that were and are set out to suppress the black race. The black race however plays in the hands of some of these people rather it be by the disrespect and killing of each other, misappropriation of the Black Dollar, or just straight up complacency. Blacks have came a very long way and achieved invented and contributed so much to this world but yet they are still beat down overly convicted and murdered in the streets all over America by police and even some citizen. Black men in America are an endangered species. Blacks spend the most money out of any race yet they are less respected mis or ill- educated and led to believe a certain narrative. The “system” is against blacks I have heard for soo many years as a child and now as I am grown and using my three eyes to see I see clearly it’s all a house of cards stacked against the black race.
What Is One To Do?

While it’s good to yell cry kick your feet and pray to god it is a must that blacks look within and do so quickly and create a new narrative. It is time for the blacks to unite with a purpose of uplifting their race and people because if not they will continue to suffer all blacks are not docile and scared living pay check to paycheck consuming more than they produce. renting a house depending on a grocery store or market to feed them some blacks are different and those are the ones we need to see more of.
Kill Yourself
The funny thing about the “Nigga culture” is it promotes a certain type of things such as killing other niggas, drinking Liqour, smoking and all type of unhealthy things. The first is the worst I’ve never seen a solider or general who wants to win a war kill his own men. But the first thing you must understand is that WE ARE AT WAR. And understand this isn’t a war that just happened it’s a war that has been around before we ever existed on this physical manifestation of ourselves. A war on You and yours. A war to eradicate the Black man and Degrade and molest the black women and children. You have been enlisted since birth. The things we do to relax and look cool (what they say is cool what they push) is the very same thing killing you soldier. The food that you get from the supermarket that only wants to make a profit is killing you. The processed foods that you stuff your face with the chips and junk food you feed your kids is killing them. You have to stop killing you and yours. The time is now to realize who you are and what you are doing. If the bullets don’t get the food and health will.

It is time for the black community as a whole to respect one another to understand that you are not each other’s enemy no matter what a movie shows you or what you have been programmed to believe. Friendly fire is not cool it still kills. Black Man You have to understand that you are better than that. It’s a new day to the old ways and tricks are playing out and you as black men, the leaders the head the protectors the alpha have a role in this “revolution” and that is to educate that is to grow to expand your mind show the little black boys and girls what it is to have pride what it is to be better than the stereotype.. The biggest trick that they have ever pulled was striping you of your titles your self pride your language your energy and your kingship. You are the black man you are the ones who are getting gun down in the streets and you are the one who will make a change either you make a change while you live and inhabit this earth or you will get murdered and come back and try again the time is now and there are many ways to make a change violence only begets violence. Ask yourself this what happens when we don’t need their schools when we don’t need their food their clothes their Liqour and anything else you consume from them? You become an independent state and independent citizen self reliant community. The worse thing MLk them could have done was fight for “intergration” dumb ass niggas should have been fighting and using that energy to build there own. The ball is in your court Now Black Man and Black woman.
Wake Up Or Die In Your Sleep
The series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep is what they defined a Dream as. Reality is a totally different thing now while dreams can assist in creating your reality it isn’t anything but a dream unless you take action and achieved the desired outcome. Dr King had a Dream most blacks loved the nightmare. But will you wake up


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