One thing I have learned while on my journey is that sometimes as a “Black man” you may get stagnant. You may even lose your way and not know what the fuck you are doing. Although you may be lost or doing whatever it is that makes you happy, you need to always be able to find your way back to the house. The house isn’t a place but a state of mind. The house is where you are supposed to be. The house is your birth rite. The house is where you are King. The house is where you are the brother, the father, and the strong son that your tribe your family, and community needs you to be. You have a purpose out here you aren’t on this earth to just party and bullshit. Sad thing is that some never understand that they have a home. Your home is also physical especially if you have kids and others who love you the “Man” wants you off they want you away and absent. How else can they attack you and yours? The world or the powers that be ” the man” or whatever you want to call it wants you to be off focus the family and the house wants you to be the best you can be you represent your family and ——your Ancestors and your tribe. What I want you to remember is this, you are great and you are a threat to the system. The “System” wants to break you discourage you it wants to have you out here angry.  The process is quite funny, reoccurring as well as hurtful and redundant. The process is as follows the lost little black boy, the confused black teenager, the angry black man, and last and always least the dead nigga. Be great get out there and do what is needed fuck any oppressive system that tries to hold you back I am here to tell you nothing can hold you back but yourself. I know because I was you and if I can make it out and evolve and do better anyone can.


Find your inner peace come up with a plan stay grounded don’t allow anything to get you off focused and watch what happens. Before you lose in life and give in to temptation readjust your mind and




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